Claris Blue Tank Filter

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Product Description

Using the new CLARIS Blue filter cartridges guarantees you freshly filtered, delicious-tasting water for your tea and coffee at all times. A new protective formula contains a mineral which stabilises calcium carbonate in water, preventing a buildup of calcium inside the JURA coffee machine. Designed specially for JURA coffee machines it is placed directly in the water tank. The benefits of using a genuine CLARIS water filter include:

  • Water is filtered immediately before being used to prepare coffee or produce steam.
  • Many substances detrimental to the flavour of the water are filtered whilst retaining important minerals and fluorides.
  • Fresh water and unadulterated aromas guarantee you the perfect coffee experience.
  • Used correctly CLARIS water filters extend the life and help to maintain the peak performance of your automatic JURA coffee machine.

Only genuine CLARIS filters are specifically designed to match the throughflow and operation of JURA automatic coffee machines. Always be sure to use genuine JURA maintenance products - the quality of your drinks and the life of your machine depend on it!

Notice: Please check the bottom of your water tank for the correct shape of filter for your machine.

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