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Product Description

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Kobalto - all you could wish for

The pleasure of a professionally prepared espresso coffee, aromatic steaming chocolate or a delicious frothy cappuccino is just the push of a button away. The new Kobalto, a dispenser of high quality hot drinks, can fulfill all your beverage wishes.

Necta, a leading trademark well-known and appreciated all over the world, has used all its technical expertise and years of beverage experience to develop the Kobalto.

It is available in several versions and can offer a combination of technologies: bean to cup, espresso, instant, and automatic milk steaming as well as a wide range of ingredients such as fresh coffee beans, soluble coffee, fresh or powdered milk, or chocolate.

Due to its flexibility and wide product range, the Kobalto is ideally suited to meet all the requirements of the Out-of-Home market. Modern Italian styling, combined with compact size and simple user interface make it a wide-ranging machine with broad appeal that can be easily positioned in any location.

Superior technology to satisfy every need

The Kobalto exploits all Necta’s technologies to offer beautifully presented excellent tasting creamy drinks, rich in aroma, and capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.


Thanks to the patented and well established Necta Espresso Brewer makes an authentic espresso and thereby provides the perfect base for all the popular bean to cup drinks.

The consistent quality of the grinding of beans and accurate metering of water at just the right pressure ensure the creation of a drink that is characterised by a strong rich aroma.

Ease of use

The Kobalto is an extremely user-friendly machine, whether behind the bar for staff (waiter, operator or barman), or in selfservice mode for the end user.

Just press a button to dispense a wide variety of drinks. The Kobalto has a large selection panel that is easy to read and use. Each button has a blue light that guides the user through the selection process, ensuring quick and easy operation.

Customised messages can also appear on the large electronic display placed just above the selection buttons.

A rich and complete menu

The Kobalto can offer a wide range of drinks. Between 8 and 16 selections can be customised – using a wide range of products: coffee beans, soluble coffee, powdered milk and chocolate.

Simple cleaning and servicing operations

and servicing operations The Kobalto is designed to allow even first time users simple and easy access to all components that require regular cleaning. The wide opening of the door provides instant access to the Espresso Brewer and to the mixers of the soluble products. All these components can be easily removed to aid internal cleaning.

The coffee waste container can be simply accessed through the door behind the dispensing area.


In order to suit every client’s requirements, a complementary range of accessories is available including:

  • Cup-warmer for side of the machine
  • Base cabinet (H 834 x W 541 x D 360 mm)
  • Water self-feeding kit (20 litres)
  • Payment module
  • Fridge (H 496 x W 330 x D 422 mm)
  • Fridge with Cup-Warmer (H 810 x W 330 x D 422 mm)
Dimensions (W x D x H)

470 x 570 x 920 mm

Hourly Output

Espresso Coffee: 120 Cups
Cappuccino: 150 Cups
Chocolate: 200 Cups
Hot Water: 80 Cups

  • Americano
  • Café latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Café au lait
  • Espresso
  • Café mocha
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot water

Hot water for tea is available at the same delivery point as the other drinks.

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